Texas DPS Surcharge Indigency Program

DPS now offers an indigency program to help individuals living at or below 125% of the federal poverty level pay surcharge fees so they are able to drive legally. This program does not waive surcharge fees but may reduce the amount you owe.

Each individual must apply by completing an application with a notarized signature and returning the application to DPS. If a person qualifies for indigency, the surcharge amount will be reduced by 10% not to exceed $250 (service fees will still apply). DPS will also remove the suspension of driving privileges while payments are being made and are current.

All surcharge fees assessed on or after September 30, 2004 are eligible for reduction under the indigency program if your application is approved.

To apply each individual must submit an approved application to DPS. The application must be completed in full and notarized. You can find the application at www.txsurchargeonline.com/indigence.aspx or you may call (866) 223-3583.

For more information on the program or questions regarding qualification, please contract the Texas Department of Public Safety at (866) 223-3583.

Examples of Poverty level posted on the DPS Surcharge website gathered from the Health and Human Services Department:

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